Structural Industries

Structural Industries was the first company in the industry to introduce the Ready Made frame into the retail market with its Mod frame. This was the first back-loaded picture frame, and it is still one of the best selling frames. Over the last 40 years, Structural has been the leader in innovation in the industry. We offer a complete line of frames including wall, tabletop and poster frames as well as a full line of wall decor, and collectable cases. . In addition to our standard product line we offer custom design and manufacturing. We work closely with our valued customers to provide exciting solutions to the market. Structural design group has the talent and experience to bring your designs and ideas to reality

We offer both domestic manufacturing in our Bohemia, New York facility and import products in our warehouse in Los Angles California and Bohemia, New York. Our manufacturing base is worldwide in proven factories in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and China.

Currently Structural offers both direct import programs for larger retailers and domestic manufacturing for lower volume products. This makes Structural the supplier of choice because it is able to supply the needs of not only the mass merchants but also produce custom designed product for the smaller retailers and custom frame shops.

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