Structural Industries


Custom Frames


Structural Industries has the unique ability to bring your print, memorabilia or customers concept to a reality. Our customers have the confidence to turn over their projects to us, assured that we will offer a quality product to their customer and protect their identity.  We offer domestic manufacturing for a quick turnaround. For the customers who have the lead-time we can offer the advantage of reduced cost with our overseas manufacturing. This makes Structural the one stop shopping for your custom projects. Our customers include local frame shops that cannot economically manufacture or afford to tie up their staff for larger runs, large retailers who need displays and promotional products to contract manufacturing of small collectible cases.  This benefits our customers to take on projects that they would normally have to turn away thereby increasing their customer base. Small startup companies can have their concepts turned into reality without the need to invest in equipment and personnel to market their product. The majority of these companies will choose to continue the manufacturing with Structural simply because our scale of manufacturing offers them a savings rather than to manufacture it themselves. Please contact:


Ingrid Owen for Framed art

Tony Mazza for Collectible Case projects

         Darrell Sparks  for Poster frames



Additionally, any of our stock size moldings can be manufactured at special sizes upon request.